Ladywell Fields, Lewisham

A detail case study within the river corridor study, Ladywell Fields provides an amenity for large numbers of residents. A new improved river environment had been created with seating and river platforms although the middle and southern fields were largely ignored. The study identified the potential to locally realign the river with meanders and other channel enhancements to increase the depth of water in low flow conditions, create pools and riffles, and regrade banks as well as improving access and recreation opportunities with timber platforms and ‘beach’ areas. Existing weirs preventing fish passage were redesigned with beneficial selective removal of ornamental shrubs on the river banks. The greatest value however was proposed with the creation of an exciting mosaic of wetlands including wet grassland, reed beds and ponds that  fulfill multi-purpose landscape,biodiversity and flood storage objectives with the re-use of excavated material forming sculpted viewing terraces and bunds.

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