Art @ Centre High Street, Slough

Allen Scott won a two stage competition to develop and implement the Art @ Centre vision for the High Street shopping core of Slough to regenerate and re-brand the town centre.  The concept reflected the diversity of the town embracing art and culture as a means to showcase that diversity. A unique approach was taken developing a streetscape language through the layering of historic forms and contemporary art. The design focuses on reinforcing existing spaces and linking its surroundings by defining new smaller, more inviting spaces. The spaces are uncluttered to allow freedom of movement as well as presenting the street as an outdoor linear gallery with seasonal artworks, theatre and music. Shared surfaces at either end of the pedestrian zone extend the town centre and widen the economic and environmental benefits of the scheme.
The layering principles ensure that even the smallest elements are infused with a quality of detail to bring delight and interest to all corners. Craftsmanship in the art and use of natural stones and steel reflects and instills a new sense of pride in the town whilst ensuring long life and minimal maintenance.

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