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The planning and delivery of green infrastructure is increasingly recognised as an essential part of sustainable spatial planning to deliver multiple environmental functions, and to play a key part in the housing and economic growth agenda, adapting to and mitigating climate change. We have laid out our climate change commitments in our Company Information section.

Our Green Infrastructure experience includes identifying and analysing networks of existing and new sites from sub-regional to neighbourhood levels, accommodating both accessible natural green spaces within local communities and larger sites in the urban fringe and countryside.
We also provide evidenced based open space strategies and play strategies set within the context of the NPPF for local authorities in the process of preparing and reviewing Local Plans. We identify and audit existing provision, help set local standards and bench-marking and we work with communities and stakeholders to establish adoptable new standards, policies and strategies.  Our point of difference over recreation planners is that we have a wealth of experience actually delivering meaningful and sustainable open space and play projects across the UK.

Ashford Open Space Strategy

Allen Scott were commissioned by Ashford Borough Council to help steer, refine and complete their Open Space Strategy as

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Stort River Corridor, Harlow

Initially an EEDA and CABE sponsored project to develop a landscape strategy to cope with the increasing leisure and recreation demands of the

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Woodberry Wetlands, Hackney

Our multi-award winning Woodberry Wetlands project realises the objectives of the partnership’s vision in opening up a former fenced and secure

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Ravensbourne Corridor Study, South London

Extensive study of the existing Ravensbourne corridor and the potential for comprehensive improvements across a range of biodiversity, recreation

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Sustainable Urban Drainage, Barnfield

Allen Scott have designed a number of SuDs systems that reflect the landscape use and character of the site. This example, developed with the

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Ladywell Fields, Lewisham

A detail case study within the river corridor study, Ladywell Fields provides an amenity for large numbers of residents. A new improved river

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Tree Strategy, Milton Mount

Milton Mount is a historic designed landscape with some remaining natural and planted ancient trees. It had become very overgrown, invaded by

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SANGS, Crowborough

As part of residential expansion requirements a Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space (SANGS) had to be secured and delivered to fulfil a

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